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15 Shoulder Length Blonde Hair for Over 50

Bob and bob haircuts can look similar. However, these hairstyles still differ in form. The shape of the square is a square. A bob haircut differs in that the volume in it is concentrated on the crown. Bob can be considered a symbiosis of these two popular haircuts.                                                                                                                           Consider a photo gallery and variations of this haircut. How to stack it? Who is it suitable for? What do the most trending looks with her look like in 2020? Why not flip through the photo gallery above. Then you can see the hairstyle options.

Medium hairstyles hairstyles for over 50

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Bob-bob haircut options to show the hairdresser
Perhaps, any girl will be able to adapt a bob-square hairstyle for herself. To do this, you just need to choose the appropriate option by type and length. Also, decide on the types of styling that you like.

Bob-caret with bangs
A bob haircut with bangs helps to harmonize the shape of the face. Also, this hairstyle is often chosen by girls with problem skin. And a bob with bangs is young. Styling this haircut is not that difficult:
By the way, even more, hairstyle ideas and hair care tips can be found on the All Things Hair Russia YouTube channel.

Medium length layered hairstyles for over 50 Layered hairstyles for 50 year old woman with long hair Long hairstyles for over 50 Hairstyles for over 50 and overweight Hairstyles for over 50 round face

Bob-car without bangs
A laconic bob haircut without bangs is a real trend. Nothing extra, and even without styling, the hairstyle will look stylish.

Bob and bob on a leg
If you tell the hairdresser that you want a bob-bob on a leg, he will understand you. In the photo behind, this haircut resembles a fungus on the leg. This hairstyle allows you to open the neck and create volume in the nape.

Graduated haircut
Graduated haircuts differ from the usual stepped type of cut. Thus, the lines of the hair will be smoother, and the strands will gently frame the face. For thin hair, graduation helps to add volume, and for very thick hair it can slightly thin out.

Curly bob
Bob and bob haircuts look great on wavy and curly hair. If your strands don’t naturally curl, here’s a simple tutorial on how to curl short or medium hair:
Of course, before taking on the curling iron, you should not forget about thermal protection.

Bob and bob with straight hair
No less interesting is the classic form of a bob-square haircut that can emphasize straight hair. To make them perfectly flat and smooth, of course, you can use an iron. It seems that it is so simple. But do you know how to straighten your hair correctly? Maybe you should check yourself.

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