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Best Black Hairstyles in 2021

Speaking of black hair, they do not necessarily mean exactly the charcoal shade. Black hair can have additional tones: for example, cast dark brown or silvery blue in bright light. Natural black hair also has a bright shine.
Natural black hair color is difficult to dye. To change the shade of the strands to a lighter one, you will have to discolor your hair not once, but several times. Also, ammonia, which is part of the dyes that are effective on black hair, can damage strands and make them brittle with frequent use.Many girls dream of a fatal image and decide to paint themselves black.

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Those who decide to dye their hair black should take good care of them: it is necessary to regularly dye black hair so that the regrown roots do not give out your natural shade (in this case, regrown roots are not cool at all). And also make sure that the strands are well-groomed and shiny. Otherwise, the transformation into a sultry brunette, alas, will not be too impressive.
If you are sure that black hair is what you need, try turning into a brunette gradually. First, you can dye the strands a slightly lighter shade: for example, chocolate. Then, if that doesn’t seem enough, continue the beauty experiment with darkening. By the way, do not forget to dye your eyebrows and eyelashes so that the image is harmonious.

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One of the most popular styles is neat, straight hair, an adornment for every woman. Black hair is combined in this way especially effectively. It is on dark hair that the fashionable glass hair effect looks the coolest.
A square with black hair also looks elegant and stylish. You can even try on retro hair with 20s-inspired accessories. Black hair is great with red lipstick and retro-styled arrows.
A bob haircut with black hair looks harmonious on straight and slightly wavy hair. It is important to choose the right shade of black. For example, black hair is much less suitable for representatives of warm color types. Consult a professional before dyeing your strands dark. He will tell you which shade is right for you.

jet black hair long black hair medium black hair

The classic graphic bob with straight bangs looks especially good, in our opinion. For a casual look, simply curl the ends inward.
Black hair was popular many years ago. Vintage looks with black hair have sunk into the memory of many as a symbol of Hollywood glamor. At themed parties, black hair will create a great base for a gothic look or a 60s look.

You can learn how to make a better or bagel styling. Also, contrasting headbands and ribbons are suitable for black hair, which will decorate any style.
Short straight hair in black can often be found among women of different color types and ages. For example, consider a long pixie haircut. The most daring can try buzz-kat. With black, the hair will not look thin or sparse, so it is quite possible to decide on such an experiment.

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