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20 Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

1. Choosing the perfect blonde is not an easy task. And to look stylish, it is not enough just to lighten the hair. Complex stains are trending when several shades are mixed, which at the same time look as natural as possible. Collected four options for fashionable dyeing for blond hair – choose!

Dark Blonde for short hairSummer blonde hair colors straight hair

We begin our list of beautiful hairstyles with this wavy bean. Short bean is a mixture of blonde and platinum blonde and has a small wave. This is a great hair idea that has a vintage glamorous look. Recreate this style with similar shades of blonde or choose darker tones.

Cali Blonde for short wavy hair Dark blonde hair colors for short hair

It is based on dark roots that mix with the blonde and then turn into a light blonde. Using several shades of blonde with dark roots, you will get a more natural sunny look. With such hair, you can look bright all year round!

Dark Blonde for short hair Honey Blonde for short hair

Choosing a new shade of blonde, you do not have to dwell on too bright. You can choose warm shades, like in this hairstyle. Very short hair is dark brown, with bright golden hair and blonde. This is a great color combination.

Fair skin blonde hair colors for short hair Light golden blonde hair color

Looking for a bold, new hairstyle? Then you need to check for yourself this next example. Here is a platinum pixie. You will have stylishly short hair.

Short blonde hair ideas 2020 Natural Blonde for short hair

Our next idea is a trendy, elegant bean. A graduated bob is a short hair that is cut at an angle, and the layers on the back give it a hairstyle. We like this look because it is a stylish ice-cold shade of a blonde, thanks to which the finished hairstyle looks modern.

Medium blonde for short hair Honey Blonde for short wavy hair

If you like prom short hairstyles, you might like this idea too. Hair textured and curly. It is much shorter at the rear and longer at the front. You can choose a light blond color or choose a darker shade of blonde.

Ash blonde for short straight hair Bright Blonde Hair Color Ideas for Short Hair

Next, we have a beautiful hairstyle of light blond color with delicate waves. This hairstyle will look great all year round. In spring and summer, the hair will look bright and beachy, and in winter and autumn, the blonde will add shine to the sun.

Ash blonde for short hair Ash blonde for short wavy hair

Express your unique style with such hair. The hairstyle is quite short and voluminous on top. This is a cute and fashionable haircut. Such hair is ideal for ladies who want to try something new and bold. You can recreate this image with any shade of blonde.

Blonde hair color ideas Brown blonde hair colors for short hair

Here is a bean with golden light tones. This is a sleek and chic hairstyle for any occasion. Leave your hair straight as shown, or add some waves. In any case, it will look great!

Cali Blonde for short hair Brown blonde hair colors for short wavy hair


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