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Colored Hairstyles for Short Hair 2021

It is no coincidence that colored strands were among the trends in dyeing. Now you can create bright accents and look no less original than dyeing your hair in a different color entirely.

Secondly, instead of a few hours with a colorist, you will spend very little time getting the desired effect. And less damage to your hair – especially if you choose a rinse aid. This option, by the way, can be considered a win-win – it allows you to change without risking anything in case of failure: it is easy to get rid of the color if you don’t like the result of the experiment.

If everything goes well, then you will spend the evening or even a few days in an unusual new way. In this article, we will talk about what hairstyles to do for girls with colored strands (we share photo ideas for decorating blue curls here).

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On the one hand, dyeing the strands can be entrusted to a professional by going to the salon. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from achieving the desired result with your own hands. All that is required is to choose the right products. What can they be?

Hair crayons or shadows

We are talking about pressed colored powder. A lock of hair is pressed to the surface of the product, after which a jar of chalk is “pulled” along the entire length – from the roots (or the middle, if you don’t want to dye the entire strand) to the ends. Instead of crayons, by the way, you can use ordinary shadows.
A striking effect is guaranteed, however, if you need to get to the venue of a party or concert in a new look, you will have to take care of the durability of the result. Spray the strands with hairspray with the desired hold. This same technique will help keep your clothes from staining.


For a more lasting result, trust the spray. This format is perhaps more convenient to use: in cans like Colorista Spray from L’Oréal Paris, there is a dispenser that will not allow you to make a mistake with the amount of product. All that remains is to distribute the pigment through the hair and then dry it slightly. For helpful application tips, see our test drive article.

Coloring jelly

This is a gel-textured product that is also easy to apply (you don’t even need gloves: it won’t stain your skin). The result stays on the hair throughout the day. It is enough to wash your hair with shampoo and you will restore your hair to its original color. Use L’Oréal Paris’s Colorista Hair Makeup Neon for an extraordinary glow in the dark effect. It will look most advantageous on blond hair.

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