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20 High Ponytail Hairstyles

It would seem an ordinary tail, what could be interesting in it? Classic, simple hairstyle for women: Tie it up and go! But we know much more nuances and types of this hairstyle, which allows it to look even brighter and more unusual. The latest news and trends – in the material from our stylists!High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles Let’s figure out how to make a spectacular high ponytail, and look at step-by-step instructions for creating different variations of this hairstyle.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles First of all, arm yourself with a hairdryer and a large brush. Stylist Kim Kardashian Chris Appleton is sure that the secret of the perfect hairstyle is to form a smooth styling with the help of warm air while directing the hair in the direction where the future tail will be located.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles Divide and Conquer! Another good principle for a neat ponytail. We divide the hair horizontally and collect the tail only on the crown part. This will make it easier to adjust the position of the hair after.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles To smooth out all irregularities, it is better to take a comb with small natural fibers for combing before fixing it with an elastic band.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles Additionally, we add smoothness to the hair with styling cream and a fine comb. If you want to add more volume, at this stage, first lightly comb the lower curls of the upper part of the hair and only then do the ponytail.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles Go back to the second half of the hair and connect it in a ponytail with the first. We fix it with an elastic band. To get rid of “cockerels”, you can sprinkle the hair from below with plain water or a styling spray.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles can skip this step, but if you want to hide the hair tie in your hairstyle, just take a thin curl from the tail, wrap it around the base (if your hair is long, then you need to do this several times), and secure it with invisibility.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles We take a varnish of medium or stronghold and spray on the tail. Particular attention should be paid here, both to the place of attachment of the tail and to the entire hairband, which is adjacent to the head, to avoid the appearance of “roosters”.High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles High Ponytail Hairstyles


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