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Hair Color Trends 2021


Among the available hair colors in 2021, you can find new products for every taste and well-researched classic products, shades that will make any woman’s dream come true. Moreover, this trend includes two combinations of bold colors and a soft natural overflow phenomenon, which could mean a fundamental change in the image, and even completely restore the natural state.


2019 2021 2021 hair color trends

Blondes are always in fashion, but in 2021 there are nuances. What kind? For example, silver is not ashen or gray, but it is a light silver tint.

2019 2021 2021 hair color trends 1

Also in the trend are pastel-colored shades of blond: strawberry and violet.

For the most daring – bright tips (note, they should have clear boundaries, as if the hair was dipped in paint) and … black roots. Yes, yes, what has long been a bad manner, now the very squeak of the season.

2019 2021 2021 hair color trends

2019 2021 2021 hair color trends

The bright colors in the hair seem to have nothing to do with one color, but they don’t actually give up their positions, on the contrary, they make them more shiny and intense. The Pantone Institute announced that the most fashionable hair dye in 2021 is saturated classic blue. Unlike other pointless blue tones, it looks mysterious and serious.

2019 2021 2021 hair color trend

Also, stylists suddenly remembered the entire palette of red shades – wine, burgundy, copper colors again on the top of a fashionable wave.

2019 2021 2021 hair color trends

Unlike previously popular cold shades, stylists remembered warm nuances. The most fashionable bronde type in 2021 is the caramel accents on the chocolate base. Natural and fresh! Moreover, the modern bronzes (gloomy) highlighting technique involves very smooth transitions of hair color.






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