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20 Short Hairstyles for Round Faces and Thin Hair

Moon-faced young ladies are easy enough to pick up a hairstyle. The main condition for a successful image is to try to smooth, lengthen the oval with the help of correctly laid hair. The article contains original and even extraordinary, fashionable hairstyles for a round face, which are relevant for 2021.

What haircuts are suitable for a round face

Do not allow volume on the sides. Keep in mind that the vertical bouffant, oblique bangs, asymmetry, and ragged edges of the haircut visually successfully lengthen the image. Focus on vertical lines, covering the cheekbones and cheeks on at least one side. When curling your hair, remember that waves should begin below the line of the chin. Avoid wide, voluminous bangs and small curls from the roots of the hair. Below is the article, you will find a variety of haircuts for a round face with a photo.

Flattering Short Hairstyles for Round Faces Short Blonde Pixie Short Wavy Bob 2021 Black Bob Haircut

A good option would be an asymmetric short hairstyle for a round face. Here we see torn bangs and different hair lengths. Thick hair looks beautiful in a short bob hairstyle. Oblique elongated bangs are suitable for girls with a high forehead. This hairstyle is comfortable for every day. It belongs to the category of haircuts that practically do not require styling. Lovers as much as possible to cut hair “under the boy” she will like it.

The female pixie haircut adds mischief and boyhood to the delicate image of the fair sex. For a stylish and confident lady, this is a great choice. This photo clearly shows the transformation of an ordinary woman with long hair into a modern lady with taste.

This short haircut is ideal for girls with thin, voluminous hair. The principle of modeling by a stylist-hairdresser is built so that most of the hair is concentrated in the parietal part, and the maximum length is left on the back of the head. Choose your unique style!

Women Haircut Round Face 2021 Short Blonde Bob with Bangs 2021 Short Curly Hairstyle for Round Face Blonde Bob with Balayage Pixie with Short Bangs 2021 Blonde Bob with Bangs

A pixie haircut is also suitable for curly hair. Pull the front strands with an iron to reduce the volume of the hairstyle. Fix them with decorative hairpins or invisible. Comb the wavy curls and lay them completely back. Boyish short haircuts for a round face look harmoniously at any age. They make the face more open, focusing on makeup, the shape of the eyes, lips, and cheekbones.

If you are bored with ordinary hairstyles and have long wanted to pleasantly shock the audience, then choose the bold image of a fatal woman. Pixie haircut does not lose popularity in 2021. She skillfully combines femininity, gentleness with a certain determination and firmness of character.

And this is a pixie – a haircut for a round face with a bang. Feel free – right? Desperate ladies who want to keep up with all the fashion trends should pay attention to a short haircut with shaved patterns on the sides. The youth version of a successful haircut for round face shape for girls is presented in the photo below.

Razored Bob with Waves Blonde Pixie for Round Face Short Mauve Bob for Round Face 2021 Platinum Blonde Bob for Round Face 2021

Semi-long, not lush front strands hide the wide cheekbones of the model. This haircut is an ideal choice for women with a low forehead. Many stars choose a bob haircut for a chubby face. Dakota Fanning was no exception. She is very elongated “bean” without bangs. Hayden Panettiere prefers combing hair back to shoulder length. From above, she added a small volume to her hairstyle to lengthen the oval and open her graceful ears.

For lovers of highlighting, branding, and other types of multi-colored painting, this option of “cascade” is suitable. Light strands add a little volume to the hairstyle, and elongated fringe on the side completes the look. To make a similar hairstyle is easy on your own. For a lasting effect, arm yourself with mousse, a hairdryer, and a twisting hairbrush.

Chubby young ladies who like to walk with curled loose hair should remember that curls should flow gently, and the wave begins below the line of the chin. Smooth bangs in this round face haircut perfectly complement the evening look.

Long Blonde Layered Pixie Ombre Bob for Round Face Short Blonde Choppy Cut Short Red Bob Very Short Platinum Pixie Gray Pixie with Long Bangs

You can also remove the bangs altogether, or divide it into two halves. Lateral strands interweave with each other and secure with invisible. Leave the remaining curls to flow freely on the back. Unusual weaving on long hair will not leave its owner without attention. Several types of braids in an exquisite pattern, thin curls, knocked out of the hair, deliberate negligence – all this creates the image of a beautiful heroine from a fairy tale.

Straight bangs and a cascade of curly hair directed to one side look elegant. Make large curls, assemble them using hairpins. This asymmetry is perfect for a short neck. A tight “ponytail” tied at the back can become a daily hairstyle for long hair. But do not forget to lengthen the face combed in front by a strand. Smoothly combed hairstyles for chubby girls are contraindicated. Another option for a stylish hairstyle. In this photo, the tail was replaced with a “hitch” or “shell”. This option is convenient for owners of thin hair.


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