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28 Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair to Astonish Everyone

Short Prom Hairstyles

The dress is purchased, now you need to decide on your prom hairstyles. Do not worry about “What are the fashion trends of the season?”, “What is suitable for hair of different lengths?”, and “What points you need to take into account to go to the ball in all its glory?” any more because we are here to help you.

What will be in TREND?

In the trends of 2019, there are no huge changes. Still naturalness and simplicity are at the peak of popularity. In other words motionless hairstyles should be abandoned in 2019. Specially , at 16-18 year old graduates, they look disharmonious. Youth – that is worth emphasizing.

The best option is, of course, taking appointment from your hair salon or hair stylist. A good specialist will not only help you to choose something suits you, but also will offer a rehearsal styling. Do not refuse. So you will see: this is exactly what you need. And before the prom, protect yourself from unnecessary stress. Suddenly you may do not like your hair at all, and after an hour or two the prom starts – did you have such a nightmare? Exactly. And if the same “nightmare” happens at a hairdresser’s rehearsal, you will have time to calmly think about another option.

Make yourself the very installation of the same forces many girls. Here, as they say, there would be a desire. You can pick up the image from our guide. Or search for options on the Internet. And then – try, experiment…


When choosing a styling guided by the length of hair, dress and shape of the face.

As for the dress, that is the main principle: if the top is open – we balance by loose hair, curls, closed – we pick up the hair, open the neck, – our expert advises.

Face shape

A common mistake of girls: chose a haircut from the catalog or “like a star” – do not tear your eyes off. She cut herself off, seemed to be the same, but there was no view. Why? Because it did not take into account its individual characteristics, primarily the shape of the face.

So there are four types.

  1. Triangular face: wide cheekbones and narrow chin. Visually smooth disproportion will help asymmetric bangs or curls, covering cheekbones. That is, you need to add volume to the bottom of the face, removing from the top.
  2. If you have an oval-shaped face: Then you are really lucky, because you can use almost any hairstyle.
  3. Square: the width and length of the face are about the same, clearly defined and the cheekbones slightly protrude. Suitable short haircuts with a length below the chin type bob-caret, hairstyle volumetric textures such as cascade ladders. Smooth facial features wavy styling or side strands, as well as bangs shaped or asymmetrical.
  4. Chubby need to visually lengthen the face: Oblique bangs will help, parting from the side, if the haircut is below the level of the chin. Appropriate hairstyles are voluminous, with fleece, but the volume should not be done at the sides, but at the crown or back.

  • A BUNCH: Low, medium, high. Sloppy or perfectly ironed.
  • TAIL: Smooth or gathered on textural hair.
  • NODE: Not yet a hackneyed version, which is worth a closer look.
  • CEREALS “FAMILY SURFERA” (or beach curls): For several years in the trend, is considered the most popular light summer styling.
  • HOLLYWOOD WAVE: The everlasting classic that can turn any evening dress into an image from the carpet.
  • Weaving: Hairstyles on the basis of weaving or with elements of weaving will also be very appropriate. They look elegant and elegant.
  • Short haircut: It makes sense to dwell on a smooth styling and focus on bright decorative make-up.

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