Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair 2020

Updo hairstyles for short hair

Cute updos are a fabulous hairstyle solution you can try on long, medium, and even short hair. Whether you are more into sophisticated braided bun hairstyles, intricate knots, or quick casual updos, you have multiple choices in each category. Easy updos for long hair and simple half updos is an ingenious way to style your locks pretty for every day. Fancy side bun hairstyles, braided and curly styles with the lifted part are stunning picks for special occasions – as prom updos or wedding hair updos. Every hair type and length looks extremely feminine in updos. Natural hair is not an exception. Updo hairstyles for black women amaze with their creativity and variety of braided patterns which tame thick unruly locks in the most graceful way. If your hair is, on the contrary, fine and limp, trendy textured updos for thin hair create the illusion of thicker tresses and look very volume-flattering.

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1. Lush curls for short hair
Curls are a versatile option for a romantic and elegant hairstyle. Curls can be done both on long hair and on short hair. Curling short hair is a task in a few minutes.

To add volume to your hair, it is better to curl your hair with large curlers on the front of your head, and just use a curling iron for the rest of the strands. When your hair is curled, you can add fluffiness to it with a hairdryer and comb. And if you want tighter curls, then the curls can be combed with your hands.

2. “Malvina” with a spikelet
Malvina in the shape of a spikelet is an unusual hairstyle with which you can surprise all guests on New Year’s Eve. This hairstyle will suit lovers of non-standard shapes and a variety of styles.

1. First, you need to comb your hair and slick it back.

2. Then separate a few top strands in the middle and braid them into a tight spikelet. The braid should be started to weave as close to the forehead line as possible.

3. When you get to the middle of the crown, tie the spikelet in a bun. You can curl the rest of your hair on a curling iron or make a small pile.

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3. Pigtails-plaits
The classic braid is a very boring hairstyle, especially for the New Year. However, what should a girl do if she loves gathered hair? An excellent option would be a hairstyle from plaits.

In this hairstyle, four braids are braided in the front, and just below the crown of the head, they are connected. It turns out a kind of Malvina. This hairstyle is most suitable for young girls.

4. French braids
On short hair, you can also make an elegant, collected, and feminine hairstyle. It only takes a little time and effort.

To make a hairstyle with French braids you need:

Divide your hair into three strands;

Braid the lower part into two braids, which at the end connect into a bundle;

The hair that remains on the crown needs to be combed and given a little volume;

The side strands need to be twisted with a tourniquet and secured over the bundle of braids.

5. Careless “Malvina”
“Malvina” is one of the most popular stylings for short hair. However, this simple hairstyle can be made more interesting with a little carelessness. To do this, you need to twist your hair with a tourniquet, but make it not very tight. The remaining loose hair can be brushed back to create volume.

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